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The Marshall Family Community

St. Louis, MO


On the morning of July, 26th 2021, Terry’s wife, Carolyn, received the devastating call that her husband had suddenly passed away from natural causes at the young age of 45 years old. The couple spent 25 years & shared four beautiful children & a grandchild together. Terry’s sudden passing is impacting his wife & children tremendously. Terry was loved by his family & he was his seven year old son’s hero. This tragedy is hitting his family hard. Terry was also the primary breadwinner for his family. All four of he & Carolyn’s children & his grandchild depended on him to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, and the bare necessities of life. Without him, his wife and children will struggle with the financial burden that he carried, as well as their profound grief in losing him. The family needs your support during this difficult time. Any type of support and encouragement you are able to provide is so appreciated.

Special Notes

The Marshall Family would like to personally thank you for lifting them up in support and prayer as they grieve the loss of Terrence, who was and always will be an amazing husband, father, family member and friend. They are always welcoming of gift cards for food, groceries and other services which will be posted on this page, along with an established GoFundMe page link for ongoing expenses and a link to their Amazon wish list. Please especially check out the site calendar, for specific days that they would love to receive home-cooked or delivered meals and other time-oriented needs. Thank you for being a wonderful part of The Marshall Family Community!

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