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Hazel Seybert + Friends Angel Tree for Mary E Phillips High School Students

Raleigh, NC


Phillips High School.....Engaging for Success.....Every Student.....Every Day Phillips High School is an alternative high school in WCPSS. Our program is very unique in that students work with their referring school counselors to apply for admission into our school. The school is a non-traditional high school, grades 9-12, with a focus on students who have not been successful in traditional school programs. These challenges are often the result of attendance, academic performance, or extremely minor behavioral issues. Our structures of small class sizes, flexible scheduling, additional academic support and post-secondary planning allow students to re-connect with education. Phillips High School strives to increase achievement for all students--regardless of background or societal factors--by developing a caring, respectful environment and creating a culture of excellence through rigorous and relevant learning that fosters relationships and produces responsible citizens. The program is student-centered and most of our students are very responsive to the setting. One of the defining characteristics of our students is a history of responding positively to teacher attention and relationships. Many of our students are simply "lost in the shuffle" of the much larger traditional school setting. Visitors to our program will find a caring, quiet, and calm environment where students are focused on growth and achieving their goals. The climate at Phillips is highly collaborative and supportive. Our team affectionately calls itself the "Phillips Phamily" and maintains focus and energy on student growth.

Special Notes

✨ In order to support all students equally, we are aiming to raise $250 for each family and asking you to please purchase a minimum $25 gift card. ✨ Want to give to multiple families? Purchase a Care Card for the desired total donation amount and we will divide your generous gift among the families with the most need.

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