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Olivia's HLHS Story

Fort Worth, TX


*Login to see more updates and photos above* (2/25/21) After our regular 20-week sonogram, our doctor found a complication with Olivia's heart. She sent us to a specialist that same day at Children's Medical Center Plano, who did a more detailed sonogram and found that Olivia has a congenital heart defect he suspected to be a singular ventricular defect. He shared the long, difficult journey we'd begin in preparing for her birth and what comes after. (3/3/21) After a fetal echocardiogram at Children's Med Center Dallas, we learned that Olivia has what is called "Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome' (HLHS), which means her left ventricle did not develop. The current plan to combat HLHS is 3 open-heart surgeries during the first 4 years of Olivia's life. (7/5/21) BABY GIRL'S HERE: Next Steps Emily and Micah welcomed Olivia at 4 am July 6, 2021!!!! She was taken nearby to the NICU as they monitored her heart. After some sweet and unexpected snuggles with mom/dad/grandparents, she was safely transferred to Children's Medical Center Dallas. Emily recovered from surgery and then joined Olivia the 8th to love/hug/kiss/cuddle baby Olivia before her first surgery the 9th. (7/9/21) NORWOOD SURGERY (7/20/21) CHEST CLOSURE SUCCESS (8/6/21) EXTUBATION: No more breathing support (8/13/21) MOVED TO INTERMEDIATE UNIT (8/17/21) MOVED TO "safe at home" ROOM (8/29/21) MOVED HOME!!!! (9/24-27/21) Brief hospital stay to address throwing up/feeding (11/19/21) CATH DAY (12/6/21) GLENN SURGERY (5/22) Sent away from G Button surgery with Covid (5/22) Graduated from NG tube and started eating on her own! (1/27/23) Eye Surgery to correct Esotropia

Special Notes

Please pray for: Olivia's heart, her growth, and peace for her parents. Pray for the doctors/nurses caring for her and for the advancement of modern medicine. As well as pray for provision through every step, emotionally and financially. Venmo: @EmilyTomasella

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