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Malone Family Support

Minneapolis, MN


Robb unexpectedly passed away due to complications from Covid on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. The family, friends and our community grieve the loss of this gregarious father, friend & coach. This site is meant to address the ongoing needs of Relina, Teagan, Kensie, Jamen, Ty & Talia as they navigate life without Robb. Thank you for your love, service and support.

Special Notes

Hello friends of Robb's and the Malone family. This page is a site that gives you insight into what they need. HOW YOU CAN HELP: Create a "GIVE IN KIND" account and follow this page. Becoming a follower of the page will give you access to updates of needs as we know them. We will be updating this page on a regular basis as needs come up. There is one BIG PROJECT that needs attention! We need someone to scrape and paint the back of the house. If you know a painter who can help with this, please contact the admin for this page. Thank you!

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