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Zoey's Place Snack Sponsors

Greenfield, IN


Each month, Zoey's Place serves children and families from across Hancock County and the surrounding area, who have experienced significant trauma. Our goal is to reduce that trauma from the moment they walk into our doors. When families first arrive, we tell them to "make themselves at home" and offer them refreshments. We find that this little gesture goes a long way in helping them feel more relaxed. When we are serving children and families, our teammates from the Hancock County Multidisciplinary Team (caseworkers, investigators, prosecutors, and advocates) meet to observe the interviews and conduct their investigation behind the scenes. We also offer refreshments to this team to help them focus on their job and but also to thank them for the hard work they do every day. By becoming a Snack Sponsor, you can help us continue to provide refreshments at our site for everyone we work with and serve.

Special Notes

Alternatively you can send us a donation to cover the cost and we will purchase the items needed. Just sign up and let us know how you plan to send the funds! Please email [email protected] to schedule your drop-off time.

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