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Airbnb Gift Card


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On Airbnb, you can book unique places to stay from local hosts anywhere in the world. Explore over one million homes in over 34,000 cities. Find a place that inspires you - whether it's for your next family vacation, or a necessary (and not always anticipated) trip. AirBnB is a travel portal like no other because with it you can find one-of-a-kind places to stay in more than 190 nations worldwide. AirBnB provides trusted services to find unique listings in private residences, and has a messaging system to connect hosts and guests, as well as a secure platform to transfer payments using their app. See how far your dreams can take you and your friends when you give AirBnB Gift Cards!

Why We Love This Gift: Honestly, sometimes permission to take a trip can be hard. Equally, sometimes expensive travel is necessary. One of the editors of Give InKind met a recently widowed woman who "confessed" (her word) to wanting to escape after the death of her husband following a long illness. She felt she could not justify the expense of a trip. Another family we have met along the way needed a place to stay while visiting a medical specialist far away from their home. People who lose their homes to natural disasters or as a result of financial strain need a place to stay. Lodging is an expensive component to any unforeseen circumstance. Remember to ask: where are you staying?

What To Say In Your Card: I know that the expense of travel is significant. I hope you don't mind my trying to offset some of it.

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