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Today's families often live in neighborhoods, next to other families. Households with young adults and teenagers living next to homes with small children. Moms side-by-side with other moms. The problem is, people are staying indoors more and more, and they rarely get to know their neighbors.

From the Bambino Founder: This became abundantly clear to me one night when I needed a babysitter, and I couldn't find one. I figured there must be a bunch of them right in my neighborhood, but I didn't know who they were or how to get to them.

Bambino has modernized the way parents find, book and pay friend-recommended, community-tested babysitters right in their own neighborhood. And by allowing parents to reach those otherwise unreachable sitters, we've given responsible teenagers and young adults a productive way to use their spare time and contribute to their community...all while restoring flexibility back into the lives of the people who deserve it the most - parents.

Why We Love This Gift: We love anything that finds the intrinsic strength of families in communities - and organizes it. Everyone needs coverage from time to time.

What To Express in Your Card: The best laid plans don't always work exactly as planned. Keep this in your back pocket for when you need a hand. xo

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