The Good Kitchen - Nationwide Delivery

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Fresh and delicious microwaveable meals delivered right to your door. These meals use only the very best ingredients such as pastured proteins, organic produce and gluten free grains. Your whole meal is taken care of with just three minutes in the microwave, including clean up! Which saves you time to take care of the other things life requires.

By sending a gift card for The Good Kitchen, the recipient can select the meal plan that works for them - plans range from $70-$231 and are available as subscriptions or one-time orders. AND they have kids meals!

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because it completely solves the what's for dinner dilemma that military soccer moms share with men caring for an aging parent. Cooking, if you can't find the time is the A-number-1 biggest chore in the life of a busy parent, a caregiver - or anyone else. This is national healthy prepared meal service. Bonus points for the kids meals. Double bonus points for the remembering about dietary restrictions. Squeeeee!

What To Say In Your Card: You're welcome and I love you too.

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