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Grass-Fed Meats from Butcher Box


on Butcher Box

Note: Payment fulfillment by Butcher Box. Give InKind has an affiliate relationship with many of the advertisers on our site, and may receive a commission from products purchased via this link.

Butcher Box' goal is to make 100% grass-fed beef more accessible than ever before.

Choose from their scrumptious Chicken & Pork Box, Beef & Pork Box, or Steak & Chops Box. All boxes include $20 credit toward a subscription box and free shipping.

 Chicken & Pork Box $129
  • 10-oz. of bacon
  • 1.25-lbs. of chicken breasts
  • 1.25-lbs. of chicken thighs
  • Two 10-oz. pork chops
  • 1-lb. of breakfast sausage
Beef & Pork Box $129
  • 10-oz. of bacon
  • Two 10-oz. pork chops
  • 2-lbs. of ground beef
  • 1-lb. of sirloin tips
  • Four 5-oz. top sirloin steaks
Steak & Chops Box $129
  • 10-oz. of bacon
  • 1.25-lbs. of chicken breasts
  • Two 10-oz. pork chops
  • Two 10-oz. ribeye steaks
  • Two 10-oz. NY strip steaks

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because we love sustainable practices in meat production. Shopping can be a little more expensive, but this is money well spent. It is a real gift to those who want to know the source of their food.

What To Express In Your Card:  Please eat well and know that I am thinking of you constantly. When can you talk?

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