I Ally: Holistic Support App for Family Caregivers

on I Ally

I Ally is a holistic support app for family caregivers, providing easy access to peer support and expert resources.

With everything in one place, I Ally's monthly memberships include:

  • Access to the I Ally community
  • Peer support & mutual aid
  • 1-on-1 Financial Coaching from the Financial Gym
  • Financial Literacy Courses for VicTreeFi
  • The I Ally Legacy Binder
  • I Ally Clinical Trials Matching Service
  • On-Demand Access to a Mental Health Provider or a Caregiver Coach
  • Legal Counsel Matching Service
  • I Ally Benefits Checkup
  • I Ally + Backpack Health
  • Database of experts: life coaches, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, & more
  • Additional Credits/Discounts 

Why We Love This Gift: The load a caregiver takes on can be exceedingly overwhelming. Unanswered questions + a lack of peer support can add to their feelings of isolation. We love this gift because it enables the caregiver in your life with exactly what they need - access to expert resources as well as a community in which they can depend on.

What To Express In Your Card: I Ally is an excellent resource for caregivers like you. I am so eager to provide you with a resource that both answers your questions as well as connects you to others going through the same experience. Please, let me know if there is any other way I can help!

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