Kitta - Performance Percussive Sports Therapy Massager

on Brookstone

The Synca Wellness Kitta percussive massager uses high performance brushless motors to provide a deep penetrating massage to workout any muscle tension with ease. Brushless motors are quieter, more responsive, and last 4 times as long as a brushed motor. The Kitta comes with 6 interchangeable quick dis-connect massage heads that ensure you have the right tool to deliver the most effective massage to the targeted muscle group. You can effortlessly change the massage heads by simply pulling the one you are done using off and pressing the new one in. The 3rd gen Lithium Ion battery delivers up to 10 hours of wireless usage so you'll run out of energy before your Kitta. The included travel case makes it easy to throw in your gym bag or take with you when you're out and about and with its light weight of only 1.5lbs and its compact size 9x2.25x8.75in it doesn't take a ton of space. The external finish on the kitta is designed to be able to be easily wiped clean and doesn't have any rubberized handles that are difficult to sanitize and keep germ free. The Synca Wellness Kitta massager will become an essential part of your recovery process. Your new Synca Kitta comes with an owners' manual, charging adapter, one wireless Synca Kitta, 6 interchangeable massage heads, and one custom molded foam luxury travel case.

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