Natalist: Pregnancy Self-Care Set

on Natalist

The Pregnancy Self-Care Set by Natalist is the perfect package for expecting mothers. As part of the TLC Trio, your loved one will receive a bottle of belly oil, cooling cream, and a tin of the Good Morning Tea.

Each combination of self-care items is geared towards supporting a healthy body and mind throughout pregnancy. With products that help combat the symptoms of morning sickness and a growing belly, every pregnant mother can expect: 

  • Belly Oil: A non-greasy and moisturizing formula for a glowing, soft belly.
  • Cooling Cream: A moisturizing and relaxing formula that relieves swollen pregnancy feet and ankles.
  • The Good Mornin Tea: A signature blend of organic peppermint and ginger that combats morning sickness and nausea (20 tea sachets).

Why We Love It: Natalist understands that pregnancy is both a physically and emotionally taxing experience and carefully tailors its products with this in mind. Bundled with love, the TLC trio offers a combination of items that will keep you happy and healthy during all stages of pregnancy. Unlike other beauty items, all products are carefully formulated with high-quality ingredients that are safe for you and your baby. You can rest easy knowing that their Belly Oil and Cooling Cream are certified cruelty free. 

What To Express In Your Card: Self-care is not selfish. I hope this gift gives you the chance to relax during these stressful times and nourish your body and mind. You and your growing baby deserve to take some time to yourselves.

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