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what is it?
Pamper Me is a luxurious foot care set that allows you to enjoy a spa-like experience anytime, anywhere.

what does it do?
While they might feel indulgent, every product in this set is meticulously formulated to improve your foot health, while helping you look and feel your very best.

This set includes:

Pure Grit™ is a gentle foot scrub that deep cleans, buffs away dead skin and pulls out impurities for soft, radiant feet.

High Dive™ is an intensive hydration cream designed specifically for your feet.

In the Buff™ is a double-sided pumice stone crafted from the highest quality siliglass.

Reboot™ is a scientifically formulated foot peel that gently removes dead, hardened and callused skin cells to reveal the healthier, softer layer underneath.

why will you love it?
You can take in some spa time without, you know, actually having to go to a spa.

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