Rainbow Mama T-Shirt

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T-shirts that honor pregnancy loss are excellent for rainbow mama's to wear as a symbol on their chests proudly.

No one can right the wrong of child loss - but support matters so much in the long walk towards complex peace. T-shirts like this give her the support she needs.

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because it is extremely hard to talk about child loss. Bereaved parents report being avoided in grocery stores and know that their anguish can make people uncomfortable. Gifts that open doors to discussion and understanding enable human connection and love. So that's why we love it.

What To Express in Your Card: You have been so strong and courageous throughout your journey as a mother. I am here to walk with you. No one can right the wrong that happened to you and your family - but I am here to support you in the long walk towards complex peace.

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