Slumberkins Relaxation Collection: Sloth Snuggler

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Slumberkins Sloth Snuggler provides parents and caregivers a resource to create a loving routine that deepens the bond with their little one while promoting the valuable life skill of anxiety management in order to calm down after a busy day. 

After all the day's excitement, it can be hard for little ones to relax and wind down for bed. The Sloth Snuggler's interactive story uses progressive muscle relaxation techniques to guide children through a soothing routine, helping them calm their bodies and minds after a busy day.

Slumberkins is a leading children's educational brand dedicated to the mission of promoting early emotional learning. Each Early Emotional Learning Collection uses research-based techniques to teach little ones important social-emotional skills. Through proactive and supportive narratives, each collection is intentionally crafted to build a resilient, caring, and confident child.

The Relaxation Collection includes a Sloth Snuggler, a Board Book, and an Affirmation Card - along with free resources and digital downloads online at Slumberkin's School website.

Why We Love This Gift: We acknowledge that one of the biggest struggles when bringing home a new member (or two) to the family is sleep. The Relaxation Collection provides both tired parents and kids the resources they need to calm their bodies down and drift off to sleep. For children struggling with chronic pain or illness, progressive muscle relaxation is also beneficial to help a child ease more gently into sleep.

What To Express In Your Card: Isn't this sloth adorable? I thought it might come in hand when putting the older the kiddo to bed.

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