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Victoria's Secret PINK Gift Card
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Send love and support to someone who needs it with a Victoria's Secret PINK Gift Card. Whether a loved one is dealing with a serious illness, going through a tough divorce, or experiencing a difficult life transition, this gift card provides the opportunity to show them how much you care.

The Victoria's Secret PINK Gift Card is a great way to help someone special feel appreciated and supported. From stylish clothing and accessories to cozy loungewear and sleepwear, this card allows the recipient to pick out something special just for them. The card can be used to purchase items online or in any of the 1,000+ PINK locations in the U.S. and Canada.

For those who are going through the difficult experience of having a baby, the Victoria's Secret PINK Gift Card can help provide much-needed comfort and relaxation. Whether it's a cozy pair of sleep pants or a cozy robe, the recipient can use the card to help make the transition to parenthood a little easier.

For those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one, the Victoria's Secret PINK Gift Card can provide a way to honor and remember special memories. From a special piece of jewelry to a stylish top or dress, the card can be used to purchase a token of remembrance that can be cherished for years to come.

The Victoria's Secret PINK Gift Card is also a great way to show support for those going through a difficult divorce. From a new pair of shoes to a trendy handbag, the card can be used to purchase items that will help the recipient feel good about themselves and bring a bit of joy during such a challenging time.

No matter the situation, the Victoria's Secret PINK Gift Card is a great way to show your love and support. By sending this gift card through Give InKind, you can provide someone special with the opportunity to pick out something special just for them.

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Product Terms:

PLEASE RECORD THIS NUMBER SHOULD YOU NEED TO REQUEST A GIFT CARD REPLACEMENT This card is issued by Victoria's Secret Stores GC, LLC and is redeemable for merchandise only, and for cash when the balance is under $10 (this amount could change, based on future revisions to applicable laws, in which case such a change will be reflected on our online and in-store return policies, and on subsequently issued gift cards), at U.S. and Puerto Rico Victoria's Secret stores(excluding Victoria's Secret Beauty and Accessories stores) and online This egift card may not be returned, applied to previously purchased merchandise, used to pay down a credit card balance or buy another gift card. This egift card has no expiration date. Associates of Victoria's Secret and its affiliates are not eligible to redeem gift cards at Victoria's Secret Outlet stores. If this egift card is lost, stolen or destroyed, Victoria's Secret may replace it if you provide the card number. Replacement gift card will be the value of the egift card at the time Victoria's Secret fully processes your request. To report a lost, stolen, or destroyed card visit any Victoria's Secret store, or call 1-800-270-8999.To check your available balance, visit a participating Victoria's Secret store or