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8 Gifts to Show Your Support to Parents with a New Baby in the Time of Coronavirus

Baby showers and celebrations have always been a great way to get excited and show your support to the soon-to-be new parent in your life. Now, under the shadow of the Coronavirus, it is much more difficult to offer support and guidance in-person. 

For the mothers who are getting ready to give birth, or have recently given birth, they may feel heightened anxiety when caring for their newborn. New and expecting parents want to know that they are bringing their child into a safe environment.

These are Give InKind’s top 8 gifts that will allow you to help support them from afar and give them the confidence they need in their new-parent journey.

Whole Foods Market® eGift Card

Grocery Gift Cards – Gift Cards from popular grocery stores like Whole Foods or Safeway make absolutely perfect gifts for the social distancing parents. Everyone can use a little financial assistance during this stage of life – especially in the time of Coronavirus. Bonus — with e-mail and grocery delivery service options, neither you nor the parents have to leave the house. 

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