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Care You Can Hold in Your Hand: Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards

When life happens, unexpected expenses are hiding around every corner.

Sending well-rounded support has never been easier. We’re so pleased to offer Visa and Mastercard gift cards you can send directly through Give InKind. There is a virtual option delivered via email, and a physical version that’s printed-to-order and mailed directly to your loved one (we can even stick it inside a greeting card for you.)

When you want to prepare your loved one for any and all unexpected necessities, a Visa or Mastercard gift card can provide financial relief and peace of mind.

Here’s what you need to know to get started sending Visa and Mastercard gift cards through Give InKind:

Should I send a virtual or physical gift card?

Virtual Visa and Mastercard gift cards can be used for online and telephone purchases. (They cannot be printed and used in-store.)

Like all digital gift cards sent through Give InKind, these are delivered via email 24 hours after the purchase is complete (this delay is a security measure in-place to protect the supporter’s transaction.)

Physical Visa and Mastercard gift cards can be used wherever prepaid debit cards are welcome. They are printed with a unique card number along with the recipient’s name and a short personal message. Upon arrival the physical cards must be activated (you can quickly activate your gift card here) and can then be spent like any other prepaid debit card.

Visit our help center for specific guidelines and restrictions around using virtual and physical gift cards throughout the United States.

Shipping Options

An open greeting card shows a printed message and affixed plastic Give InKind Visa Gift Card. Beside that is a closed greeting card showing the front, which reads, "Sending you all my love" This option will soon be available for both visa mastercard gift cardVirtual gift cards are delivered via email 24 hours after purchase and require no shipping fee.

Physical gift cards are shipped via standard and overnight mail. These arrive in a plain envelope–so as not to attract unwanted attention–inside the greeting card design of your choice.

Where to find Visa and Mastercard gift cards on an InKind Page

a diagonally divided image displaying in one corner a Care Calendar showing a Mastercard gift card has been sent in support of a Groceries request on May 03. In the other corner a Wishlist shows both visa mastercard gift card

Supporters can send a virtual Visa or Mastercard gift card to any active InKind Page. (We can only send physical gift cards to those who have provided a physical delivery address.)

Page Organizers may include the Visa and Mastercard gift cards in the Wishlist and also inside any Care Calendar requests.


Give InKind Visa and Mastercard gift cards are the perfect way to show your support during challenging times, or anytime you want to show you care. Whether you’re sending love after the birth of a new baby, or sending good vibes during a difficult period, these gift cards are the perfect way to show you care.

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