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With You: Heirloom Quality Keepsake Pieces to Honor The Mothers You Love

Finding heirloom quality keepsakes that are both beautiful and won’t break the bank can be difficult. We are proud to feature With You. These keepsake jewelry pieces honor the mothers we love. Each piece is personalized with a photograph.

With You was founded as a tribute to the bonds of parental love. Founders Mikki Glass and Troy Haley work to honor the attributes of everyday heroes. They honor the courage of deployed troops, women facing grace under fire in the form of circumstance and illness. And so much more. In our estimation, there is no better way to honor the mothers we love than by celebrating the qualities we sometimes take for granted. Grace, fortitude, love, and courage. To name a few.

What To Express in Your Gift: You are the embodiment of mother love. I am humbled and proud to know you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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