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Here’s the Scoop on Soup: How to Package Soup for Meal Train Delivery

Soup is a big favorite on the meal train list, so learning how to make it so it travels well is a key component to this dish.

Get ready to become an expert on how to package soup for meal train delivery.

hearty soup in a ceramic bowl next to spoons and slices of bread. how to package soup for meal train


Soup. A great meal for someone who is under the weather, recovering from an ailment, going through a hard time, celebrating a new arrival and needs something simple to enjoy when the day gets busy. It’s a classic when it comes to helping others feel a little less alone, warm and comforting, full of flavor, and made with care.


If you’re here because you want to bring or make soup for the recipient of a meal train, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re going to breakdown:


  • How to safely package and transport soup on your way to your destination
  • The full soup packing and travel routine, from start to delivery
  • Bonus soup recipes that are so delicious you’ll want some for yourself

Soup is a great comfort food and when it’s time to help someone who is going through a major life-change, this could just be one small thing that can change their day around a little.

person cooking sprinkles cheese into a pan on the stove. how to package soup for meal train
A little bit of cheese and a little bit of help is a great way to make a stellar soup for packaging!

How To Package Soup for Meal Train Delivery, Safely

Spilling soup all over your car seats is a terrible spin to your day, especially when you’re delivering it to someone who needs it. After all the hard work of cooking and ensuring your meal is delicious, the last thing you want is a leak or spillage when it can be easily avoided! So let’s break down a few key points in how to make sure your delicious soup dish arrives intact.


Probably the most important part of our journey today is how exactly we should be packing the soup for transport. Questions like: “what containers do we use?" and “how do I ensure there’s no spillage inside the package itself?" are quite common, so let’s begin at the top.

There are so many different containers out there, all advertising different uses, so choosing which ones to use can be a bit overwhelming. First things first though, is talking with the recipient about if they can keep the container or you need it back…

Tip: A lot of the time when someone is going through a major life change, the last thing on their mind is needing to get someone’s container back, so we’d suggest talking with them to see their thoughts or packing it in something you they can dispose of or keep and reuse as their own.

Some well-known containers that a perfect for soup transportation are:

  1. Mason Jars. Mason Jars are a favorite when it comes to traveling with soup, they keep the contents warm and the screw on top keeps anything from escaping the container. (There’s a whole website dedicated to Mason Jars with all different types of cool lids, you can find that here).
  2. A thermos. Specifically a vacuum insulated thermos. They will also keep your food warm, and you don’t have to worry about packing them too tightly since they are designed to keep things in!
  3. Snapable leak proof containers. Containers like Snapware are a great tool for keeping everything slightly more secure than a regular container and lid.


Now that you have your soup in the container of your choice, it’s now time to hit the road. So let’s talk prep and how you can travel with your food to help the person you care about.

First things first, if you aren’t just delivering soup and you have other goodies with you like dinner dishes, deserts, snacks, and beverages you’ll need an effective system to bring all that stuff over so it won’t get jostled in the drive.

Whether you have a bag that you’re carrying everything in or a box, knowing where to place items is key to a smooth ride.

Pack things according to two key factors: temperature and weight.

  • Warm dishes like your soup possibly or any other dish you’re trying to keep the heat in go on the bottom. And then you’re gonna want to put a few towels over those containers to both protect them and the stuff on top, and help keep the heat in.
  • Cooler stuff typically goes toward the top. If transporting hot and frozen items, consider separating those extreme temperature into separate containers.
  • Place any drinks you have on the sides so they won’t drop and roll under the car seats.
  • And finally, place any lighter items like snacks or desserts on top. This way, if a bag of tortilla chips falls off, it will be easy to pick up, and it won’t get crushed under the weight of other dishes.

Now that we got it all ready to go, where should we put the bag and/or box full of goodies?

Well if you don’t have someone with you to help hold the bag during the duration of your drive the best way to keep everything safe is putting it all on the floor in the backseat on the passenger’s side, after that you’ll need to push the front passenger side side back until it’s essentially “hugging" the bag and/or box. That way, you’ll nest it in, and any unexpected turns won’t result in it all ending up on your car floor.

Sometimes the people who you’re helping with this meal train might want a quick delivery, other times a nice check in and chat is welcome, and both are okay.

A Recap And Step-By-Step Instructions On All Things Soup Travel

Now that you know the tips and tricks of the soup-packaging trade, it’s time to provide a ‘recap’ or a step-by-step guide that covers everything from the moment the soup is ready to be packed to your departure from the recipient’s house after successfully delivering your meal train package.

  • Step One: Choose your container. Whether you choose a Mason Jar or a big bowl, ensure you place all the soup in it and then wrap it with cling-film or tin-foil sheets if you’re extra concerned about spillage.
  • Step Two: Start to make your “gift bag" aka if you are bringing anything else over, pack it according to temperature and weight like we discussed previously. Soup on the bottom and snacks on top.
  • Third Step: Text or call the recipient to alert them that you’re on the way.Even though they are aware of the schedule, it’s a good idea to inform them that you’re on your way over. This way, if you happen to arrive a little earlier than originally planned, they won’t miss the delivery or be surprised by its arrival.
  • Fourth: Either have a friend/family member hold the gift bag during the drive or place it on the backseat floor.
  • Step Five: Delivery. Often, a meal train page will inform the cooks whether they are welcome to knock on the door, stay and chat for a few minutes, and then head off when they bring the food over. But if they’d rather not have visitors then put the package in the designated spot and head on home.

There you have it! Follow these steps to ensure the safe delivery of your soup.

A few easy steps and your hard work will pay off in no time, especially since you’re helping someone who needs it right now.

an older woman helps a young girl cook in a pot on the stove. They are both smiling.
Cooking is great fun when you’re doing it for your own life but when helping others? That’s a great feeling!

Now That You Know The Tricks, How About A Couple Of Recipes?

If you’ve come here with plans to make soup for your own upcoming meal train, we have you covered! Here’s a couple that’ll be so tasty you’re going to want to make extra for yourself!

A Fan-Favorite, It’s Italian Wedding Soup

If you’re looking for something hearty and full of flavor, Italian Wedding Soup is your winner. While it might seem fancy, it has actually served as a comfort food for a long time. Full of delicious foods like meatballs and veggies, it makes for a great meal after a long day.

Courtesy of  The Pioneer Woman’s official website, this “Best Italian Wedding Soup Recipe" is a great find and fairly quick to make! Yielding 6-8 servings and taking only 25 minutes you’ll need lean ground beef, mild Italian sausage, grated parmesan cheese, chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley, eggs, garlic cloves, panko breadcrumbs, salt & pepper, olive oil, carrots, yellow onion, celery, chicken & beef broth, pearl couscous or small pasta, spinach, and lemon juice. In just under a half an hour you can make delicious soup for the person that needs it.

Another Well-Known Classic, It’s Chicken Noodle Soup

We couldn’t have an article about soup without naming the well known classic, Chicken Noodle. It’s a staple for both recovery and for a nice, cool day when you need something delicious and comforting.

Courtesy of The Modern Proper website, this “Quick and Easy Chicken Noodle Soup" recipe will be added into your own dinner routine soon. Taking just over 30 minutes make and only 15 minutes of prep time, this dairy free recipe makes six servings. You’ll need butter or oil, onion, celery, carrots, garlic, bay leaves, chicken stock, a rotisserie chicken, egg noodles, and parsley. Homemade and delicious, this is a perfect dish.

Those two soup recipes would make for a great addition to the meal train recipient’s day. They’re a perfect “comfort" food. You can even send them the recipe so in the future they can make it themselves when things are better for them.

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