Holiday Giving: For Kids Learning About the Gifts of Dyslexia

As the Editor-in-Chief at Give InKind, Tara Shafer believes that dyslexic kids grow up to be people less bound by measurable standards of perfection. She is dyslexic and grew up to be a writer. She believes that dyslexic children learn important things through apparent struggles out of the gate – and that these lessons shore up the probability of their future successes.  Or, as children, they understand “failure" viscerally – far more than they do success. In the right setting, they can have an adaptive, stellar work ethic. Their ability to learn in non-linear ways can produce new ideas. They take intellectual risks because they don’t understand a standard path of thought. Their sense of the possible can be skewed in wonderful ways. Watch out, world.

What To Express in Your Gift: I know that you have faced some challenges in school. But I really do promise you that it gets better. You are a brilliant and capable person. You are going to set the world on fire. Believe in yourself. I believe in you.

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