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Level-Up Your Fundraising with Give InKind

Providing support during and after a life-altering event can look different to everyone. Especially as time and events progress, so do our needs.

While there are platforms available for generating each type of support: one for scheduling meal trains, one for providing updates, one for raising cash donations, one for sharing your shopping wishlist; Give InKind allows you to coordinate all types of support from one central location.

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In addition to the Care Calendar, Wishlist, and Updates features, your InKind Page can share all your favorite Fundraising options with supporters as well. Quick access buttons allow InKind Page visitors to track and donate to your GoFundMe campaign, and send funds directly through your PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp accounts.

Use this step-by-step walkthrough for including fundraising while you’re creating your InKind Page, or at any time in the Page Settings.

“Fundraising among loved ones can feel impersonal."

We love to fill bellies and warm hearts with gifts of food; to know that our support is being put to the best possible use. Yes, when life gets intense it is a wonderful and welcome blessing to have a warm, homemade meal without worrying over the prep yourself. But also, things like household bills continue to come due. Add to that any unexpected medical expenses, lodging, repairs, and some extra funding can actually make a world of difference in getting through tough times.

That’s why we offer multi-faceted support options for every InKind Page. Needs evolve as the situation does. We want normalize asking for and sending support in whatever form it’s needed.

From casserole to cash, your gift is personal as long as it’s from the heart.

Follow this guide to learn how to create an InKind Page for yourself or your loved one and begin coordinating the best support for your situation today.

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Give InKind offers a platform for anyone to submit their stories, to help and inspire others to get through any of life’s disruptions.