Loss of Home
Top 5 Gift Cards Families Need in Catastrophic Home Loss

There is a particular trauma associated with the loss of a home. Floods and fires destroy many tangible possessions, as well as a sense of place. The event is so jarring it cannot be taken in at once.

One woman whose house burnt to the ground told us that unless someone walks around their house weekly with an insurance adjustor the chances are high that they are underinsured. So they will need money to replace things. She added though, that the things most missed are often those which cannot be replaced. Some things are gone for good. But, with some creativity, in the digital age, some things can be salvaged.  For example, artwork made by children may be stored on a platform like Artsonia, enabling people to make replacement copies. Many family photographs have been copied by multiple family branches’ efforts to coordinate replacement albums that can produce a great result. Still, some losses are permanent and irreplaceable.

What To Express in Your Card: I am so deeply stunned for you and your family. I will check in with you to see what else you need in the coming days and weeks. Sending love.

If you or someone you know has lost their home, see How To Set Up A Give InKind Page for Home Loss from a Natural Disaster or Fire and help organize the support they need.

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