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Slumberkins: Supporting Early Social-Emotional Learning

With any big life event comes a world of change and a flood of emotions, whether that’s the birth of a new baby, a medical diagnosis, or the loss of a loved one. As adults, we have the capacity to cope and work through those emotions, but children who are folded into those narratives are still learning.

At Give InKind, we take pride in providing resources through the creation of  Give InKind Pages and curated gift guides to help support those you care about who are navigating through their unique situation. That is why we are thrilled to partner with Slumberkins, a children’s educational brand on a mission to promote early emotional learning.

Slumberkins’ Founders Callie and Kelly are moms with a background in early childhood education and family therapy who incorporate their experience into intentionally crafted stories with coinciding Snuggler characters to help build resilient, caring, and confident children.

Slumberkins Snugglers

Slumberkins’ collection of Snugglers — an easy-to-grasp comfort item — are designed to support social-emotional growth between children and their parents or caregivers. Slumberkins provide a focal point around which to start discussions about common emotions during childhood, with characters like Alpaca Snuggler for stress relief, Sprite Snuggler for grief and loss, and Fox Snuggler for family change. Each Snuggler represents a different feeling and provides an age-appropriate point of entry into the complexities of situations such as family bonding or the cultivation of the all-important growth mindset. 

Their newest arrival, Rainbow Sprite Snuggler,  was created for children of families who have experienced the loss of a child and is near and dear to our collective hearts, as the birth of Give InKind lies in the loss of Founder Laura Malcolm’s daughter.

All The Feelings

If you’re trying to help support a loved one, meeting the emotional needs of their children can be tricky and difficult to assess. Slumberkins present hard-to-grasp concepts as easier-to-grasp and easier-to-talk-about topics through stories and Snugglers using research-based techniques. 

Teaching children how to talk about and work through feelings like emotional courage, relaxation, self-esteem, authenticity, conflict resolution, gratitude, and mindfulness are life lessons they will carry with them for the rest of their life. 

Resources for Kids and Parents 

Additional Slumberkins resources include books to support the feelings the Snugglers represent, as well as online resources to keep adults informed.

Using these resources allows parents and caregivers to develop a loving routine and deepen their bond with their children through:

  • Interaction — physical touch, eye contact, and playfulness
  • Connection — reading positive affirmations and having them repeat them to you (if possible)
  • Reflection — practicing the learned concepts and skills that are in each Slumberkins’ books

Slumberkins honors the emotional lives of children and enables them to find the words to express themselves as they come to terms with their complex feelings. The dialogue that is supported sends a message that talking about confusing things is not only okay but is actively encouraged. At Give InKind, we could not agree more.

For a complete list of all available Snugglers and their intended support areas see our Slumberkins Gift Guide to help your little loved one through their unique situation. 

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