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Support is More than Just Money–Amplify Your Fundraiser with Give InKind

There is a great deal of mental, emotional, and physical support required to help someone through a life-altering event. Platforms like GoFundMe, Bonfire, Donate Kindly, and Facebook Fundraisers help with the financial whirlwind that befalls those affected by things like a natural disaster, accident, loss of a loved one, or a medical diagnosis. However, there is so much more support that is needed.

A Fundraiser Can’t Meet All of Their Basic Needs

Donations and crowdfunding pages are a fantastic thing. A well-executed fundraising campaign has the potential to change the course of someone’s life, but what about the rest of the pieces that need picking up?

When anyone experiences an event that brings about a significant change in their life, they need so much more than financial support to make it through without breaking down. Before, during, and after the necessary funds come to light, people who are the recipients of these campaigns still need to take care of their basic needs. Who will help take care of the children who’s parent just received an unimaginable medical diagnosis? Who will bring food to the friend who was in a car accident? Who will walk the dog of the senior woman who is recovering from surgery?

Reaching out to a list of family and friends is a massive time constraint, especially when helping someone who is not immediate family. Social media is a quick and efficient way to reach thousands in a short period of time, but that’s still not an effective way to help communicate specific needs and other ways for people to show their support.

Setting Up a Give InKind Support Page

While platforms like GoFund Me, Fundly, and Snowball concentrate heavily on raising money and financial support, Give InKind takes on a holistic approach to support. With a firm grasp and understanding of what people need while facing a life disruption, Give InKind is so much more than a place to donate to the person(s) in need.

Give InKind is the easiest platform to coordinate support through Fundraising, Care Calendars, Wishlists, and Updates — all in one place.

Setting up a Give InKind support page, whether it be for financial support, meal train deliveries, or any other type of support you can think of, is very simple and can be done in minutes.

Give InKind’s perfectly designed Care Calendar works wonders for family and friends attempting to coordinate assistance and care for loved ones experiencing a difficult time. You can add calendar items for meals and groceries, child, pet, and adult/senior care, home services, and “other" (the ultimate catch-all category).

And, yes, there is a place on your Give InKind page to offer financial help by connecting your GoFundMe, Paypal, Venmo, or CashApp accounts.

Once finished, share your page with fellow friends and family and then watch the support pour in. Post Updates on the page to all of your followers to share news, photos, and videos.

Give InKind makes it possible for people to give and receive support that is meaningful to both the giver and receiver.

Setting up a fundraiser to help with one of life’s more considerable chapters is crucial, but let’s not forget about the other forms of support we can offer as well. Create a Give InKind support page today.

Learn how to connect your specific fundraisers to your InKind Page here.

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