Loss of Home
Top 5 Gift Cards For Loved Ones Facing Eviction/Foreclosure

People facing the loss of their homes due to economic hardship must manage immediate and urgent needs even as the real possibility of home loss looms. This applies to renters facing eviction, as well as to owners facing bank foreclosures. Friends and families should frame efforts to help in a way that respects the dignity of the recipient. Their communities are likely to be better placed to help with smaller pieces, such as a utility bill. In taking on this role, friends and family are enabling the person in need to focus on the larger goal of getting permanent and affordable housing.

Remember that these gift cards suggest a strategy for being helpful to someone you love. Stores, vendors, utility companies may differ from region to region so you should identify the best option for your specific recipient.

TIP: People in economic stress often appreciate gift cards more than tangible items. Helping to flexibly cover expenses can also help to protect credit scores and history which is a real plus in applications for housing.

What To Express in Your Card: I wanted to let you know that I am here for you. These are wild times and I understand that you did not create this situation. I offer love. There is no judgment. You would do it for me. xx

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