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Marcia Baxter meal train

Fairforn, OH


Okay here is the most updated information. Found out that the cancer is B cell lymphoma. I will be following up with Dr Shah in his office on Wednesday. He made the comment that my next treatment won't be for month but we will be able to start the plan of action. He's very proud of the way the chemo treatment has gone this week and very competent that we went right route. I've had the drain for my stomach stopped so when I go home all I have to do is flush it twice a day I believe it is. They are sending the supplies home with me and I will have a bag just in case I have to add it back on. The diabetes team has talked to me and sending me home with some paperwork so that I make sure I do things right. I will be poking myself to check my blood status to keep that at a regular point and work for it to be under the the 7.0. thankfully I know people that has gone through diabetes and so I can reach out to them. I will be going home with some different meds that I will continue to take. I am being put back on blood thinners. I will be going home sometime tomorrow but I will be asking for no one to come by the house until Monday. That way I'm definitely out of the covid. The cancer doctor he feels like I'm okay but but Sunday will be the 5 days to where they feel that you're completely clear. Also I will be back wearing mask or my shield and anyone who does come by the house we will be requesting that they do wear a mask. Also I want to make up a calendar so that I can kind of plan when somebody's going to be coming over. I will be having home health Care coming in and I'll be getting that schedule probably Monday. If anybody wants to make meals and drop them off to the house just let us know ahead of time. We will appreciate that. Hopefully within the next couple weeks I will be a lot stronger. Mike has rearranged the living room to make it better for me to get around with the Walker, I hope to only be using the Walker for a week and then if I have to use the cane. But I will not be pushing myself. Mike and I have agreed that once I get home and I'm doing better that he gets called into work he'll be able to go into work. And as always thank you thank you thank you for all the support that you had given me through this journey and whatever's going to come ahead of us.

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Currently having issues with chicken related to chemo... prefers beef/ roast; turkey; ham

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