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Together we fight in honor of Noell Babb

Portsmouth, VA


Hi everyone, my name is Megan Feken and I am raising funds and asking for support on behalf of my dearest friend, Noell Babb. Noell was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) on February 28th 2024. TNBC is a very rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Due to Noell's young age of 27 years old, her team of doctors are taking the strongest approach possible. She will require chemo, surgery and radiation over the next 6-12 months. Her friends are family are dedicated to fighting with her and we ask that you join us in supporting her by donating any amount that you can via her Go Fund Page: .Even the smallest donations are truly appreciated and will help make a difference. We understand that finances may be difficult, for some, at this time. If you are unable to donate, we kindly ask that you consider showing your support by checking her care calendar for other ways in which she needs support, writing her an uplifting message to let her know you are thinking and praying for her or by signing up to provide a meal for Noell and her fiancé, Tyler, so that they can solely focus on Noell's health during this difficult time. In any circumstance, we ask that you do the easiest support option possible by sharing this page on social media, to help reach as many people as possible. On behalf of Noell, Tyler and their friends and family we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your kind support and prayers! "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." - Edward Everett Hale

Special Notes

We kindly encourage all meal contributors to read the below helpful tips prior to signing up. Noell and Tyler do not have any food allergies but they do not like mushrooms, onions, sour cream and ranch. Please check the meal calendar before deciding what to bring. This helps to avoid too much repetition. For example: if you see that they are already receiving a cheesy pasta dish on Monday and Wednesday, please try not to schedule something similar for Tuesday, too. Please be mindful of the drop off time when you sign up to provide a meal. Please communicate with Tyler or Noell to make sure they will be home at the time you plan to deliver the meal. If you are unable to get ahold of Tyler or Noell, please contact Megan at 757-448-7533 and she will help coordinate the meal drop off. When dropping off food, we encourage supporters to use containers that they won’t need back, such as disposable or recyclable ones. This way, Noell and Tyler won’t have to deal with keeping track of containers and who they belong to. Please label all meals with the date and heating/cooking instructions, if possible. Please provide the meals as completely as possible. If your dish works best with a salad on the side, include it–even if it’s a bagged salad kit. The same goes for toppings such as dressing or diced tomatoes, for example. If the meal calls for them, try to prep and deliver them, too. Often times, Noell might not be up for chatting or hosting. When possible, please leave the meal on their front porch and send Tyler a text to let him know that it has been dropped off. Please keep in mind that meal trains are not just for homemade meals.If you would like to contribute but can’t cook, you can still pick a day and help. There is an option to send a meal delivery gift card after you select the day in which you would like to sign up for. Lastly, besides dropping off food, you can use the Care Calendar to help Noell by signing up for a task that she or Tyler needs done. For example, cutting their grass, letting their dogs out when they are not home for an extended period of time, etc.

Care Calendar