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Meal Train for Priscilla

Easton, MD


This past year hasn’t been easy on anyone, but for Priscilla this year has been extremely challenging. Priscilla has worked as a Respiratory Therapist for 13 years and worked during the entire pandemic, and throughout this year she has handled it with grace and a great attitude. She has an amazing life with her caring boyfriend Izzy and their three kids Sofia, Lily, and Carter. Unfortunately, Priscilla was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She will need major surgery and chemotherapy, which will require a lot of time and rest for her to kick cancers ass! We want to make this process as stress free and easy as possible for her family. Priscilla is one of the kindest, most caring, funny, and most beautiful people I know. To know her is to love her. Her and her family deserve to have absolutely no cares in the world at this time other than beating this illness.

Special Notes

No dietary restrictions. No spicy food please. 

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