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Love and Support for the Maddox Family!!

Richmond, CA


Love for Carolyn and her family as they navigate the hectic coming months. Let's rally around them (as Carolyn has done for us in the past) and show them how loved they are! Right now we want to make sure they are well taken care of through this trying time. We will update this page as their needs change. Thank you all for your support! Carolyn's Story We never understand why things happen the way they do, but we learn to know that everything happens for a reason. Over the pass several weeks things have been happening all at once. My husband was recently diagnosis with stage 3 nasal phalanx cancer. It was puzzling when we received this diagnosis considering he is a pretty healthy guy who never gets sick. He is such a hard working individual who strives to provide for his family and make sure myself and our sons are okay. When this happened to us we were devastated. The doctor's couldn't give us solid concrete answers as to how this cancer has deleveloped because its such a rare cancer that he has. They immediately started setting up all these appointments and phone calls to get the process started. Telling my husband he will need radiation and chemo and a feeding tube throughout this process. In our minds we are like slowdown can we breathe for a minute. Overwhelming as it was to receive all this information could you imagine how frustrating it is not to know how you became sick and why this is happening to you. We sat and tried to process all this information while all these thoughts were racing through our heads on how to handle it all. When we first got the news we were trying to figure out how to tell our sons, family and friends. Not only is my husband up against his own battle but i get news I need immediate surgery due to a condition i suffer from with fibroids and need a hysterectomy. What are the odds that we both would be dealing with things at the same time. In a blink of an eye things can change and you really have to fight to stay strong and move forward no matter what. We constantly think of our son's and how this may affect them so we put on a smile to keep strong through it all to keep going for them. We say to ourselves we should never question God but we wonder why is this happening to me. We have been so blessed that God has placed good people in our lives. From strangers, family and friends that have been supportive. We ask for continuous prayer as we will definitely have some trying days ahead. We pray with God's grace he will see us through šŸ™ā¤ Thank You and we will keep you all updated on our process. The Maddox Family.

Special Notes

No food allergies! The Maddox boy's are known to love pasta, pizza, chicken and tacos!

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