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Helping hands for Theresa

Royal Oak, MI


It is a hard pill to swallow, when you hear a loved one say "I have breast cancer", and at such a young age with two little guys running around, you just wonder how you can help in anyway possible. Terry When we heard the news about Terry and knowing how this will have a large impact on her - and her whole family - the first thing we tried to do was figure out how we can help in the best (but least annoying) way possible. We all know Terry is a fighter and will be giving this her all, so most dinners will be made by Mark and since Terry and her cute kiddos are such picky eaters ; ) , we decided the best idea to help the Lawrence's would be through gift cards. Gift cards - whether it be for restaurants, grocery stores, amazon, etc. can be helpful during these busy and hard times for the Lawrence family. Maybe choose a local restaurant that is your favorite and get their menu to let the Lawrences' know what your favorite meal is there and mail it to their home or drop if off in the mailbox. A gift card to Meijer for groceries can go a long way for a family of 4, or through Amazon they can get ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN.

Special Notes

Please no sick visitors, if you are feeling under the weather at all - stay as far away from the family as possible. Going through chemotherapy - it takes a toll on your immune system and any infections will be harder for Terry to fight off.