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Love for Nikki Mance-Kimble

South Bend, IN


Love for Nikki Mance-Kimble was started to assist Nikki and her family with meals during her healing process. Nikki resides with her husband C.J., daughter Avy, son Trey and youngest daughter Terriona. Nikki is a daughter, grand-daughter, wife, mother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin and friend. She is naturally a giver from the heart and will go out of her way to help just about anyone. She is a current employee of Growing Kids Learning Center and has worked with children for a number of years. On Sunday, April 25th Nikki suffered several brain aneurysms and was rushed to I.U. Methodist in Indianapolis on Tuesday, April 27th where she was placed in I.C.U. for almost two weeks. They were able to seal the aneurysms to stop the hemorrhaging and she was released on Mother’s Day Sunday, May 9th. We are thankful to God for her healing and release from the hospital. Because Nikki has been such an awesome blessing to so many people, we are reaching to ask that you would be a blessing to Nikki & her family, easing the stress of meal prep during her healing.

Special Notes

Due to COVID-19 and Nikki's heightened risk, we are asking for no person to person contact at this time. We respectfully ask that you have meals delivered or send gift cards for meals. Nikki's morning go-to is her.cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts!

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