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•CANCER UPDATE• For some I know this is a long awaited updated. For others you may just scroll on by because it’s going to be a long one. In July, we knew that everything came back and it came back a beast. Ovarian Cancer is a killer. It’s not researched often and there’s not many studies done in younger patients due to it being an “older” cancer. We knew for awhile that my main tumor was growing but we didn’t know microscopic cells had spread throughout my entire body. August 5th we jumped into the unknown and moved back to STL and haven’t stopped running since. I’ve spent more days at Barnes/Siteman than I can count. I currently have 11 doctors all managing my care and let me tell you - getting them all on the same page is a rare occurrence. There’s been MRIs, PETs, CTs, Mammograms, Ultrasounds - all leading up to surgery planning. It’s been biweekly chemotherapy, daily radiation. It’s 10 steps forward & 100 steps back. It’s all lead to today. To learning that a new tumor has reared its head and we don’t know where to go from here. In the next 2 months I’ll have a total of 4 surgeries. I’m putting all my trust in my doctors right now that they know that this is the best options even when I don’t see it in the moment. There’s a lot of future dreams that have been shattered. There’s cramming as many family memories into the time we have together. It’s hoping that one day I get to have my survivorship meeting. So many have asked how they can help. It’s a loaded question. We won’t ever turn down dinner, someone to clean the kitchen, help with Greta if mom can’t do it for some reason. We appreciate anything 🤍 I’m working on an Amazon gift list since a few people have asked about one of those. Thankful for Zach & Greta for keeping me going through all the tough times that we’ve already faced and the moments coming soon.

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No shellfish due to Briana’s allergies

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