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Welcoming Rory Griffiths!

Bellingham, WA


Laura, Miles and their daughter Layla (age 3) welcomed a wonderful baby boy into their family on 2/28/24! They greatly appreciate support from their community during this exciting (and exhausting!) time in the form of meals for their family. See below for dietary information (Laura is dairy free and gluten free). Please text Miles 424-360-4342 to arrange meal drop off and, if Laura and baby are awake and up for it, they’d love to say hi, too.

Special Notes

Laura is not able to eat gluten or dairy - but don’t let that intimidate you! many meals inherently don’t contain these foods and their family will enjoy anything you feel like cooking! Miles and Layla do not have food restrictions. Tips on dairy free & gluten free cooking: -ingredients lists will indicate allergens of milk or wheat -if the label says processed in same facility/equipment as gluten or dairy containing foods, this is OK -okay to use utensils, pans, toaster that have been used for gluten containing foods -Watch out for hidden gluten/dairy in: soy sauce and other Asian inspired sauces, pasta sauce, salad dressings, some cured meats, sausages, salami, chips Recipe ideas (& open to others!): (make sure sauce is GF) Take out: Tino’s Pizza (delivers to Sudden Valley): medium half cheese/half pesto pizza (regular cheese and crust ok) & Tino’s special on gluten free crust with dairy free cheese On Rice: Pad Thai w/ chicken, 1 star and Massaman curry with tofu, 1 star Pho from anywhere - it’s always gluten free. 2 orders of vegetable pho w/ tofu Gift cards for food delivery also great! These can be emailed to [email protected]

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