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Meal Train for Jessica/baby and fam! Goal is to stay pregnant 🤰 💙🙏

Waterford, CA


Hi family and friends!! Im home but not out the woods! So I went to labor and delivery and was diagnosed with placenta previa! I won’t give all the gory details . Basically I need to stay off my feet, not lift, and not sit for prolonged times. My Kiddos are stepping up to help and Mike already has his plate full with 12 hr shifts. But if you’d like to help the family by covering a meal that will be so helpful, And help me stay rested ! My family would highly appreciate it. Especially baby boy and I . It will help keep us safe!! 💙🍼Main goal is to STAY PREGNANT and follow my restrictions for my safety!💙🍼

Special Notes

28 weeks is a too soon for baby boy 💙 Takes a village! Just trying to find ways to help me be able to follow restrictions! I appreciate all my family and friends who have been concerned and want updates! Love you guys!

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