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Mary's Care <3

Eugene, OR


As many of you already know, Mary was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Oct. 2023. Her medical expenses will result in several hefty deductibles, for which a GoFundMe page has been set up; you can find a link to her fundraiser on this page. Mary's original surgery date was Jan. 3, 2024, but with a recent plot twist, has been rescheduled for Jan. 17, 2023. Following her surgery, she'll eventually start 6 weeks of radiation therapy. That being said... This page is designed to offer Mary support in a variety of ways, a few overnights, meals, a few rides here & there....I mean the girl will need to be aired out on occasion...great company, laughter and lots of love. This page will continue to be a work in progress. Thank you all for your patience, love & support! Feel free to reach out to me directly.....Gina

Special Notes

Here you'll find some of Mary's food preferences.... Dislikes: Olives Peppers Liver & onions Game and fouls (except chicken) Moldy Cheeses - blue cheese, etc. For veggies, I like roasted or raw but not steamed usually. Likes: Leafy green salads with nuts and fruits Mexican food (with green sauce preferred over red) Most seafood (no octopus) Thai Vietnamese Indian Soups Ish: I'm not a huge pasta fan but I don't turn it down Favorite Food Joints: Laughing Planet Cafe Yumm Toxic Wings and Burgers

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