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In loving memory of Rob, helping Daytona and the kids navigate the next weeks.

Wichita, KS


On Tuesday evening, the foundation of our family was changed forever. That evening Rob had went to ride his motorcycle with Brent one of his best friends while Daytona took Montana to physical therapy. At around 6pm Rob was headed to meet Daytona at Dillon’s so they could get stuff and make dinner together. Around six Brent called to let her know he was in horrible accident. Rob did not made it. If you know Rob and Daytona you know how truly devastating this is and you know how big of a heart Rob has. They have always helped everybody else before they help themselves. And I’m asking that we all come together and show Daytona, the support and love like, Rob has always showed the world. No matter how I say it there are no words for who he was at his heart. He may be the biological dad to 4 but he is the dad to so many more. The thing he was best at in this world was being Daytonas. They were each other’s everything. They have been inseparable since day one. I don’t have a way to tell every story, like how he didn’t know a stranger, when it would snow outside he would get his truck and chain so he could go pull people out of the ditch, It didn’t matter if he was headed to an appointment, work, or had somewhere to be if there was somebody on the side of the road he was going to stop and help them. Rob would help everyone and anyone always. I wish I could tell every story I have about him. One thing that is helping Daytona and the kids is everyone sharing their story’s so please continue to do that. Since having their youngest Ryder in July 2022 Daytona has been a stay at home mom again. Since February last year they when the company they had contracted most of their work through sold they moved in with us so they could work on building their company back up. We truly appreciate any support anyone can help with.

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