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Meals for the Kern's for the loss of baby Elsie

St Joseph, MO


From Heather: On Thursday, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our world, to share the same birthday as her daddy! Today, we sit in complete brokenness over the loss of our perfect baby. Her name is Elsie Claire, and she was so perfect and beautiful. She had daddy’s skin tone, with dark eyebrows and some dark wavy hair. She loved being touched, but hated getting her diapers changed. She came very early, and very unexpectedly. When they’re this small, and this early, things just happen and no one knows why. She fought so hard. And we will forever be proud of our baby girl. Scarlett got to meet her and take photos. So please keep her in your thoughts too, as she tries to understand what this means. She knows what death is, but she doesn’t understand that baby sister is not coming home. Please send us any love you can, as we now learn to live life without our daughter. Elsie Claire Kern 5-20-21/5-23-21

Special Notes

Let's help lift the burden off the Kern's and provide their family dinner. There are 2 adults and 1 child. No dietary restrictions. NO SPAGHETTI. Likes: Italian food (otherwise), steak, shrimp, meatloaf, cheesecakes, peach flavor things, Pickleman Deli style sandwiches, mostly all veggies. **PORCH DELIVERY REQUESTED at this time. Heather and Bryan are not in a position to have visitor interaction. Please ring the doorbell and leave your donated meal. This gesture is GREATLY appreciated considering the circumstances.***

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