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Love & Support for Katie

Milford, OH


Several years ago Katie had a growth removed and luckily it came back cancer free. Well as most of her friends and family now know the growth came back and later was confirmed to be Chordoma which is also known as notochordal sarcoma which is a slow growing cancer found in the spine. Katie’s tumor is located near her tailbone and doctors have determined that it is not treatable with chemo or radiation which means Katie will have to go through major surgery for leg removal coming up. She will be at the James Cancer Center in Columbus, Ohio for an estimated month of recovery. Katie has been one of my dearest friends for 13 years now and has never hesitated in helping me or anyone she can and now as her village, I hope we all can come together and support her through this journey she is about to embark on. Katie and her family will need help with dinners, cleaning, errands, medical bills, and so much more we might not be aware of at this point in time. This page will allow you to stay updated and to be able to sign up to handle things that may seem so little to us all but will be beneficial to the Reece family. We will update the page as time goes on with what may be more needed to their family over other things.

Special Notes

If you would like to directly donate funds to Katie please Venmo her @Katie-Zeiler

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