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Joshua tree, CA


Mom-life is exhausting. Let's help lighten the load a little for Miss Chantelle and her mom so they can spend as much precious time as possible with baby...they don't stay little for long! If you're willing and able, please click the "I'll help!" button on a day or task on the "care calendar". That will designate that specific date, time, and contribution to only you. If you choose to provide a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc) it is preferred that they are pre-made, homemade, or ready to pop in the oven. There is a link below for meal-train etiquette... very helpful information! Meal train etiquette: If you hate cooking as much as I do..a gift card/door dash/uber eats/etc (and a quick text ahead of time) would be wonderful as well. PLEASE DO NOT KNOCK ON THE DOOR OR RING THE DOORBELL. We do not want to wake a sleeping baby or her Mama. A home address will be given once you have chosen a day on the calendar. Direct all questions to Sara at 760-808-0305 or UH email. Thank you so much!

Special Notes

Chantelle is VEGETARIAN. Please no meat! Meal train etiquette:

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