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Support for David and Gina while little David the III is having heart surgery

Monroe, MI


Hi everyone! This is Heather David's sister, and Gina's right hand gal that decided to create this page. I asked Gina if it was ok first before I did this, and she agreed to it. As everyone is well aware, "triple" little David has had some pretty severe medical issues that have come about since he was born. First they finally figured out his sugar issues, and found out he has a very rare genetic disorder called congenital hyperinsulinism. If that isn't enough. When he was in the hospital with that and also got diagnosed with a heart murmur, that has now turned more serious. It's called, aortic stenosis with bicuspid valve. Gina and I went to his cardiologist appointment on Thursday, and she found out he will be getting admitted this Monday 8/02/21 at U of M and getting heart surgery 8/04/21 on his 3 month birthday. We're praying he will be released on Thursday if everything goes as planned. Gina's not able to work or even looking ahead being able to go back because he needs constant care. She's an amazing mama, and David's been providing and working a lot and trying his hardest... on top them also caring for Gia who is 2, and Landon. At this point even food gift cards, or gas gift cards would be a blessing, because even with his sugar issues his care was already exhausting. They had been told his murmur wouldn't be an issue until years down the road. So, this was a bit of a shock to them and all around a LOT of drs appointments and traveling to U of M. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and God bless. Sincerely a very concerned aunt, Heather

Special Notes

Not many visitors right now as with him just going to be having surgery, but you can reach out to me anytime! My cell number is 734 735 2962 (Heather)

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