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Meal Train for Evy’s Parents

Midlothian, TX


Mike and I are so blessed and appreciative to have the support of friends and family during this time. Baby Evy is 6 days old now and as sweet as can be. As new parents we are realizing that having a newborn requires adjusting in more ways than just one. We have had so many ask us what we need and we are never really sure what we actually need until we need something. However, recently we came to the conclusion that making meals is something we actually struggle with right now, so we decided to start this meal train with hopes that maybe it could lighten our load as we navigate being new parents and focusing on our newborn. Again, thank you all for all your love and support!! -Mike and Maresa

Special Notes

At this time we ask for no surprise visitors unless we are contacted directly in advance. It’s RSV and flu season and sweet Evy doesn’t have an immune system just yet.

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