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community support for Joel

Wellesley, MA


Please join us in supporting Joel with social connection, transportation, food and other needs during this difficult time. While we are in the process of figuring out the ideal living arrangement for Joel we thought this calendar might be a great way for his beloved community to support him. If you'd like to participate, please sign up for a day that you're able to be there for Joel in whatever way he might need. On your day, check in with him to see if he needs to do any errands, needs a ride, needs food and/or wants company. We all know he's a lovely person to share a meal with and appreciates delicious food and wine, definitely suggest bringing over food and having dinner with him.

Special Notes

I've set it up so that it is an "all day" event to allow for flexibility - this certainly does not need to be a full day commitment. Please don't take it personally if he declines support. home phone: (781)235-8297 cell phone: (781)774-0027 29 Denton Road, Wellesley

Care Calendar