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Support for the Hettingas

Pittsburgh, PA


Let's come alongside the Hettingas as they nurture their growing family! A note from Matt & Brooke: Hi church family! We know we haven't had a chance to tell each one of you about our recent life change in person, so we wanted to share here. Because the pregnancies with Wesley, Harper and Brynn were difficult, we decided to take a pause and seek the Lord. After time and prayer (especially from Wesley!) God gave us clarity to try for one more baby. We are very thankful that God has blessed us with another pregnancy - due in early September! Brooke has a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum, which you can learn more about at the link below. So far, Brooke's symptoms have been even worse than with her previous pregnancies. There have been multiple hospital visits already, and we are working with doctors to create a care plan that will sustain her body and keep the baby growing. It is a bit daunting to think of how long and hard this season will be, but we're taking it a day at a time and trusting the Lord. Many have asked how they can help. We are so thankful because we know that question is sincere and that our church family will show up for us as you have so many times in the past. One of the ways we could use help so far is meals. Especially on Brooke's harder days or Matt's longer work days, it can be hard to have dinner on the table for us and the kids. We are thinking of other areas we'll need support with that Brooke normally has capacity for, like outings/play dates for the kids and help with tutoring Wesley. If you have an idea, we are likely open to the help! Love you all and thank you for showing us God's love. -Matt & Brooke

Special Notes

• Please prepare meals for 5, leftovers encouraged! • If signing up for a service (groceries, child care, etc.), the date represents once per week or month. Be sure to coordinate a date and time with Matt and/or Brooke.

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