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NOTE We've decided to post updates here and over on Caring Bridge (link below). I know it might be a little confusing, but Caring Bridge allows updates to be public and Give-in-Kind is a great place to check if you're looking for ways to help. Updates will be identical in both places. LINK TO CARING BRIDGE THE LATEST UPDATE FROM 01/24/2022 - Galen's Last Day of Radiation Hello out there! It’s been awhile! But today I have an exciting update. Tomorrow, on January 25th, Galen has her last round of radiation!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! 1 surgery. 16 rounds of chemo. 25 rounds of radiation. Countless calls with her doctors. It’s been an insane 315 days (give or take) since Galen received her diagnosis. Let’s take a moment to give her another round of support as she nears the treatment finish line. It’s weird to talk about this as a finish line, because in certain ways it feels the beginning. Leading up to her surgery, Galen said something that stuck with me (that I’m sure I captured here) about how this was the first step to reclaiming her cancer-free body. Although I like to think she reclaimed it just by saying those words… she will still, undoubtedly, be needing that extra reassurance that we’re all still rooting for her. Join me in sending all the love to Galen (and Devon!!) so she can think positive thoughts when she goes in for treatment tomorrow! THE STORY Galen was diagnosed with breast cancer in early March, just a few short days after her mom received the same diagnosis. In addition to her double mastectomy surgery on April 22, she will be undergoing fertility preservation, five months of chemo beginning in June and five weeks of radiation. This page was created to keep family and friends updated so Galen can focus on healing. A number of people have expressed an interest in offering support, so this page also contains ideas for how we can continue to rally around her on her long road to recovery! If you are looking for ways to support, please check out the wishlist, or "other ways to support" on the right.

Special Notes

MEAL TRAIN: Requests for meal deliveries begin in May. As directed by her doctor, Galen has shifted her diet and is avoiding eating red meat, processed food, sugar (in moderation) and alcohol. As directed by her taste buds, Galen is still not eating raw tomatoes or cucumbers. If you want to help with delivering a meal or you want to run ideas by some one, please don't hesitate to email me (Erin) at

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