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Meal train for Vanessa & Family

Whittier , CA


Sunday April 18, 2021 was the scariest day of my life. One week ago today, i suffered a stroke. That Sunday i woke up feeling fine, did everything as normal. My husband was going to meet up with some friends for the day, and i decided to take the kids to my mom's for dinner. Little did i know God had a plan for me and knew that i needed family to surround me on this day as i suffered a stroke. I lost all feeling to my left side and became unconscious. All i remember is falling into my brothers arms and hearing my Nathaniel scream and cry for me. My mom immediately dialed 911, and saved my life. The EMS team evaluated me on the way to the hospital, triggering a prehospital alert, so the stroke team was already in place and ready to take action when I arrived. Stroke is a medical emergency. They say time lost is brain lost. In fact, you lose 2 million brain cells every minute during a stroke. The doctors immediately ordered a CT scan and determined I was having an ischemic stroke, caused by a blood clot in my brain. They administered intravenous tPA, which is the gold standard in clot-busting drugs. I'm thankful for all the PIH Neurologists, hematologists, Cardiologists & ICU Nurses who ordered numerous tests and took such great care of me. I know there is light at the end of this, and have to take a new road to recovery. It's important to know that the face of stroke is not just of an elderly person as I had once perceived. Stroke can happen to anyone at any age. I was given a second chance. I survived!!! Now I’m sharing my story so other lives can be saved. It's hard not to, but don't take life for granted, Take care of yourself. It can especially be hard for us moms, but remember you have to take care of yourself to take care of your kids. Thankful for my family & friends, it truly takes a village, I'm forever grateful 💟✝❤ #stroke #pihhealth #tower3 #familyforever #blessed #godisgood #prayers 🙏 #lifeisbeautiful #forgiveness

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Looking for any help while I'll be out of commission, busy following up with doctors for answers on why i had this stroke. Just asking for help with Dinner for me the hubby, and 3 kiddos.

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