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Love and support for Sarah and Brody

East Syracuse, NY


Sarah and Brody have suffered an incredible loss, the death of their husband and dad, Nick Brenno.  Being an unexpected loss, it is so difficult to comprehend.  Nick was a vibrant, fun loving, and good man.  He loved Sarah and Brody more than anything.  It is crucial that we all come together now to support the Brenno Family as they deal with this unimaginable loss.  Any support in the way of food or financial contribution to offset the cost of the funeral, daycare, and any loss incurred from time off work would be so very appreciated.  Thank you all.   

Special Notes

Please be cautious of dishes which use a lot of dairy. Kid friendly is also a plus. If you want to give her a gift card for food please consider something near her or a place that delivers. Panera, Trappers 2, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse are a few ideas. Grabbing some basic groceries such as fruit for her and Brody to snack on is also another suggestion. Sarah may not be up for visitors at the moment. For the time being, please drop food off at her door and send her a text message to let her know that it is there. Thank you so much for the support! Any little bit helps.

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