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Love for the Clark Family

Nashville, TN


Our dear friend Ben Clark suddenly lost his father this week in North Carolina. If you are viewing this, then you know how selfless, loving and kind Renna and Ben are, and in this time of great grief and pain, this is our turn to love on them by providing food and even some help around the house. They just began remodeling their kitchen this week, so the kitchen is a mess and I think we can help in two ways. One is to provide some meals for them when they return. Secondly is for those willing and able to help them with some of the remodel as they are going to behind and lacking a functioning kitchen, this will help speed up the process. I’ll have to get logistics and details from them in the coming days, but wanted to get this on your radar. Sounds like they will return to Nashville next week and I will update you as I hear their plans.

Special Notes

Our dear friends are of course vegan which makes this a little harder as we all may not know exactly what to make, so I will get some of their favorite meals and takeout options up here soon. I’ve also added Renna as an admin on here so she can update as well. As far as takeout: We love Baja, Calypso, Burger Up, Sunflower Cafe, etc… We also like Blaze, Pei Wei, etc I know it might be tricky with vegan meals 😬 so we can be flexible! If it has lots is veggies and no cheese, that could be great ha Groceries: Almond or oak milk Fresh veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumber, etc. Bananas Apples *we have plenty of grains, canned things, etc.

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