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Remembering Jordan

Lakeland, FL


Everyone has asked what they can do, or if we needed anything. So I made this up to help with organizing any blessings sent to us. As you all know Jordan received his healing from Sanfilippo Syndrome on 6/14/2021 and is now running with his sister Whitney. We are in the process of planning his service and with that comes the added stress and expenses that no one is ever truly prepared for. Dad is home from work for a bit while we try to grieve the hole in hearts yet again. The next couple weeks will be tough but our family is tuff and we will find our way like Jordan and Whitney would want us too. Thank you everyone for the kind words and prayers during this time šŸ¤—

Special Notes

You can contact Mom or Dad for questions or Mom 813-357-9262 Dad 813-361-5870 Dereese 813-763-0773 Tracie 863-370-3354

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