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Home Support for Cloud Strunins

Portland, OR


Amira is here (yay!), and we are excited to bring her home tomorrow and spend the month getting to understand and care for our baby while Ilana rests and recovers her body. As with all things, we would love our community to be involved, and so we are asking you all to consider, as you are able, being part of the "Home Shifts" crew-basically coming to our house at predesignated times for 2-3 hours or so to do some lite cooking and chores. Here are the documents that describe what we're asking in detail-you don't need to read them now but they can help. ***Times for shifts are estimates:*** If you can make it that day but not that time sign up and email Jonathan and we can talk about that day or maybe the day before or after. There will always be something... Home Shift Guide Link Chores & Cleaning Guide (you won't really need this it will be at the house):

Special Notes

This invite is for a specific group of people who we trust to come and be supportive while not necessarily expecting us to be able to want to engage, as we will most likely be supporting Amira, or Ilana, or sleeping as we can. We are grateful to you for honoring that desire and ask that only invited people come to the house.

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